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How to help achieve the modern look to your home

DO you want to achieve the ultimate modern feel to your home? you do? Perfect! This post is ideal for you.

When it comes down to modern interior design it is virtually about stripping everything back to its bare minimum and it kinda makes sense when you think about it. The more complex something is, the more their is to dislike about it. Keep it minimalistic and there isn’t much you can dislike.

So getting back on topic… Personally, I think that to achieve the ultimate modern looking home is to have clean simple furniture, only what you need. I think that one addition to your home that drastically changes of the look of your home is underfloor heating.

Why? I hear you ask. Simply because underfloor heating is completely hidden underneath your flooring and their is no need to have bulky radiators spoiling the clean surface. Underfloor heating also provides you with warm floors too and many other benefits. Find out more about underfloor heating and its benefits by clicking here.

Underfloor heating is an ideal addition in my opinion to create the ultimate modern look.


Free Up More Space In Your Home

Are you mad about interior designing your home? Do you want to be able to free up more space in your home? The best possible idea we have for you today is to install underfloor heating in your home.

Why underfloor heating? I hear many of you asking. This question can be answered very easily. The reason why I suggest underfloor heating is because it frees up a lot of space in your home. Underfloor heating achieves this because it is completely hidden away underneath your flooring and electric underfloor heating doesn’t even require a boiler connection. This can allow the radiators and horrible unnecessary piping to be removed, providing you with more space and a cleaner environment.

This isn’t the only thing that makes underfloor heating worth the installation hassle and cost. Underfloor heating will:

  • Save you money in the long run
  • It is cheaper and efficient to run
  • Will spread heat equally across your room
  • Most importantly it will provide you with a warm floors and equally as warm rooms too
  • Doesn’t require an sort of servicing
  • It is eco friendly too

As you can see there are many reasons, other than freeing up space in your home, why you should install underfloor heating in your home. I have underfloor heating in my home and it is the best thing I have purchased, I am so pleased with this installation and I have been benefiting from the heating and the fact that I have all this extra space to work with. My rooms look very clean with no radiators ruining my interior design.

 I purchased my heating from www.underfloorheatingsystems.co.uk.


Thinking Outside The Box

As you are probably already aware we pride ourselves in providing you the most exclusive and innovative home ideas, but here is the twist… We are going to go outside the box today, well kinda..

When you think of home ideas, the first thing that you most likely think of is furniture or decorating am I right? Theres more to a home than just that. Lets think outside the box for a minute, what else can one find in their home? Pretty much anything, adorable pets, technology, food and so on. Now that we have a broader mindset of what you may find in a household this, may inspire you to come up with your own ideas!

inspiration box


What inspired me?

My inspiration came from our family dog and my best friend, Arnie. I love my dog! Like all good pet owners, I treat him like my little brother.  I love to buy him treats and toys to play with. He is a black German Shepherd and is such great dog. I recently purchased him a dog bandana! I purchased his bandana off www.thebandanaboutique.com. My love for my pet provided me with a great inspirational idea which I thought I could share with you!


Home Improvement: Underfloor Heating


We have a wonderful new home improvement to share with you amazing people today!


What we will be covering in this post is underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is a surprising new heating system that heats up your home in a way that we could only imagine! This new heating system is revolutionary and to make it even better, it is a whole lot cheaper to run too.


The reason why we have decided to share this new heating system with you is because how efficient this heating system is and the amount of benefits this heating system has.

Underfloor heating is ideal for your home because it provides you with warm flooring, warm rooms and it also spreads heat evenly. The way this system achieves this is by power heated mats that are distributed evenly beneath your flooring this essentially turns your floor into a radiator. There is also an alternative and that is water underfloor heating, it is very similar, instead it consists of rods that flow warm water through them to provide the heat.

What are the most beneficial perks of underfloor heating?

Provide you with warm flooring
Equally spread heat through your home
Take up less power
Cost less to run
Completely hidden
Maintenance isn’t required
Opens up more space in your home


We hope this post has helped you!



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